FURMARK - our way into sustainable and responsible future

In today’s world, keeping transparent is the only way for brands and companies to survive, as consumers have become better educated and informed about the choices they make.

It is becoming more and more clear that companies cannot hide anymore, and must ensure their operations are transparent and responsible.

For decades designers have been using fur and it’s now on catwalks across the globe generating millions of jobs and valued at over $30bn USD in retail alone.

In order to keep up to date with the rapidly changing world of fashion, the fur industry is launching a major certification scheme FurMark, to ensure transparency and traceability across its operations; from farm to consumer.

FurMark is a world-class, comprehensive certification and traceability program that covers sustainability, animal welfare and the dressing and the dyeing of fur, so when it comes to purchasing the garment, you can be reassured that it meets recognised national and international standards.

All certification programs and their protocols are publicly available, science based and approved by independent experts.

By 2020 FurMark will comprise of:

Welfur: European certification program for fox, mink and finnraccoon
North America Welfare: mink certification programs in America/Canada
Wild Fur programs covering American and Canadian wild fur
Dressers & Dyers: covering chemicals and the environment
SAGA Certification by Finnish Standards


For any fur farmer, it is a top priority to ensure that an animal receives good feeding, good housing, appropriate health checks and is remaining at a positive emotional state.

WelFur certification scheme ensures that farms are operating under demonstrably high welfare, environmental and sustainability standards.

In order to be able to supply fur skins to the auction houses, each fur farm must undergo three visits which evaluate the entire production cycle.

The results of the certifications will be available for brands as well as for public authorities to see.

In Europe, WelFur program will eventually cover all the farms producing fur. It is expected that in the course of the next three years, approximately 4000 European farms will be certified.

North America Welfare

North American fur farms are regulated through government agencies at state and provincial levels.

These agencies monitor and respond to issues regarding animal welfare, environmental quality and labor.

In addition, the US and Canada each have strict standards of care which are developed with the guidance of veterinarians, animal scientists, and animal welfare representatives.

These welfare standards are administered by third-party trade associations and farm assessors.

Farms meeting the required standards of care receive certification but bill still require routine assessments.

Wild Fur programs

The Fur Mark programme will also cover American and Canadian wild fur production.

As most of world’s wild-sourced fur comes from North America, wild fur harvesters there require a mandatory trapping license that relates to the legal jurisdiction their trapping activities will occur in.

It regulates which species can be taken, the quantities, and the dates and times of the season.

Trappers are required by law to provide to the buyer (e.g. auction house or pelt dealer) their contact information, trapping license number and a log of the number of species being sold.

Dressers & Dyers

The dressing trade is organised within the International Fur Dressers and Dyers Association (IFDDA), an organisation that is continually developing and promoting more environmentally friendly methods.

By 2020, dressers and dyers will be moving to one global certification system, that will improve the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

The certification will address key priorities including: the environmental sustainability of the factory, the chemicals used in processing, and consumer confidence in relation to absence of any negative impact on the wearer.

Saga Furs certification scheme

Saga certification programme is a farm management system producing the highest level of animal welfare. Saga Furs has continuously developed its certification programme to ensure it meets the high standards that go well beyond what the national or EU laws require.

In order to obtain the certificate, the farm operations must meet certain criteria and its production must be carefully documented and transparent.

The Saga Certified fur farmers are very committed to the quality system and developing it. They also understand the importance of the certification to buyers, fashion houses and fur garment users.

 FurMark is set to change the way in which consumers see and shop fur fashion.

By combining together over 5 major certification programs from around the world, FurMark comes as a global umbrella certification scheme, providing brands, retailers and consumers the reassurance they need when looking to buy clean, traceable, and transparent products.

Want to be ensured that the fur product meets the highest standards in welfare and the environment?- Look out for the FURMARK in 2020!

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